Read the Outseer Fraud & Payments Report for Q3, 2021

Outseer Fraud Manager™

Outseer Fraud Manager helps you deliver a frictionless customer experience with fraud detection rates as high as 95% with intervention rates as low as 5%.

The dramatic increase in consumer adoption of digital interactions during the pandemic has prompted organizations everywhere to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. Whether it’s web, mobile, ATMs, call centers, IVR systems, or open APIs, speed and convenience are now simply expected.

At the same time, fraud continues to proliferate, with cybercriminals leveraging phishing, account takeover, man-in-the-browser, and other advanced attacks to gain unauthorized access to consumer accounts.

But achieving the right balance of security while maintaining a frictionless user experience can be a challenge. Outseer Fraud Manager gives you the ability to align fraud prevention efforts with your organization’s risk tolerance and strategic priorities in order to stop fraud, not customers. Through the power of machine learning, data science expertise, and realtime risk.